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Online Studies begin Monday March 30th

Dear WOLCS Students and Families,

Here is the latest update. This week is Spring Break. Parents and students, please enjoy this time off with your families. Starting next Monday, March 30th we will move to online studies. Administration will send a schedule of how we will begin to proceed. This schedule is NOT like our regular school schedule and as always, just like almost every school in America, we need to be flexible as the schedule may change.

Please know WOLCS values you and your families. We are educators, which means we are resourceful and patient. We will continue to deliver the best education possible, because we believe God has given us every tool we need to deliver a Christ-Centered Education. In these uncertain times, how wonderful is it that your students are in a Christian School? This means we care for not only the development of the mind, but the character and spiritual development of every student entrusted to us. We are not filling seats; we are filling spirits with the Word of God which brings Hope. This is an everlasting fulfillment. Yes, we will have delays and at times challenges, but I can assure you our Middle School Team has every intention not to overwhelm your students, or you as guardians over their lives.

I am including a little breakdown of what to expect for each of my classes. Once, the schedule has been sent from Admin to all of you, everything will make a little more sense.

I hope this outline below sheds some light on what you can expect from me. If you should have any questions, please email me.

Online Classwork Expectations:

Homeroom 6th Grade:

Using Audible Books, we will begin a new class reading on Alice in Wonderland! I will share the link for the audio book (book read to you by actress Scarlett Johansson). I will assign a couple chapters a week to listen to and we will discuss it live weekly. I am calling it "Tea Time with Ms. M". We can sit with a cup of tea (or cocoa in a tea cup), put on a fancy or silly hat and discuss the story while comparing the characters to the Book of Proverbs in the Bible. Think of it like this: What Proverb would describe the choice of let's say Alice, or the White Rabbit? This will be a fun way to have an adventure together and learn the Book of Proverbs. I can't wait to get started!

6th Grade Bible:

We will continue with morning devotions (this I would like to be a live Online Meeting so we can discuss and share prayer requests). This is also a means for me to take attendance. Students will continue in our Bible workbook ( 1 page daily). I will share some videos students can view to help them with their homework. Students can take a picture with their phone or iPad and share their completed work on Bible Google Classroom.

5th Grade Social Studies:

We will continue reading along in our textbooks. I hope to have at least once a week live chats for Q & A and our theater reading in various accents like we've done before. We will continue using the Social Studies workbook and use 5th Grade Social Studies Google Classroom to answer questions based on the reading. Any assignments will be posted on 5th Grade Social Studies Google Classroom. There will be some Discovery Education Video links to watch as well. The State Project will still be assigned and since we are on an online format, you will be able to choose your state. I will post a guideline and more information next week. This online project will keep you very busy after the conclusion of our Southern Colonies and as we begin to investigate the Revolutionary War.

6th Grade Social Studies:

We will move forward and begin our chapter on the Ancient Greeks, which will include a Greek Mythology Research Project. You can expect that you will have assigned reading and I will post discussion questions based on your reading. I will also post your Google docs for your Greek Mythology research on our 6th Grade Social Studies Google Classroom site. They are pretty fun to work on. Videos and more Google Tours will be assigned, so you can explore ancient Greek historical sites on your virtual field trips.

7th Grade Social Studies:

We have been deep in the Middle Ages and you have been working on your Medieval Times Project . Beginning next week, we will have a live meeting to review what we learned and where we left off. We will also discuss the Medieval Times Research Project and vote on a new due date. You can expect that you will have assigned reading and I will post discussion questions based on your reading. I will use our 7th Grade Social Studies Google Classroom site to post discussion questions based on the assigned reading. Videos and Google Tours will be assigned, so you can explore ancient Medieval Cathedrals and Castles on your virtual field trips.

8th Grade Social Studies:

I was so looking forward to your historical interviews! Thank you for all your hard work most of you put into the project. You can expect to have assigned readings and questions as we have done before (right now we are deep into the beginning of the Civil War). I also have some documents that will be posted on 8th Grade Social Studies Google Classroom, that are researched based and you will be working on. They will be Google documents, so you will make a copy and share via email just as you have in the past. Make sure your documents are properly titled. There will also be discussion questions posted once a week (as a review). We will also have a live meeting time at least once a week (schedule TBD).


Please visit the Leadership Google Classroom. For the remainder of the year, we will discuss leaders of all ages and all time periods. Starting next week, you have been assigned Sir Winston Churchill. There are links and sites that were shared. Discussion questions posted will count as your participation and research (guideline to be posted) will count as your weekly assignment. My goal is by the end of the year, you will gain some knowledge (and hopefully wisdom) on the characteristics of great leaders that you can apply to your own lives.

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