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Open House Message 01-25-21
Copy of Open house/preview night 2021

Open House Presentations

January 25, 2021

This year's Open House will be done as a pre-recorded presentation families can view online together. Please click on the links above to view. I hope you enjoy it!

Reminder of School Policy if your child is showing any cold or flu symptoms:

If your child has had ANY cold or flu-like symptoms within 24 hours, please keep your child home to monitor and do not send them to school. For the health and safety of our staff and students this is imperative. It is better to use caution than to ignore protocol.

Some of the staff, including myself live with high-risk family members such as the elderly or those with respiratory, or compromised immune systems. We try to be as safe as possible and if that means as staff members we do not come to work with any signs of cold or flu symptoms to ensure your child's safety, we ask the same in return. Thank you for honoring our procedures.

Copy of 6th Schedule On Campus

Thank you!

-Ms. Moore