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Summer is Here!

Dear Students and Parents,

I hope you have wonderful plans to find an adventure this summer. COVID interrupted life as we know it, but Jesus came to give us life and life abundantly. That means, we should make the most of the life we are given using our gifts and talents to serve others. I suggest that instead of streaming movies, shows, watching You Tube videos, playing video games, or playing on phones all day, that you spend time together. We live in dangerous times because of the accessibility children have to information without supervision. One of the most dangerous threats to your children is their devices.

The best thing you can do is monitor your child's phone, iPad, and browser history of their computers. It is hard to parent these days, but it is necessary to make sure your child is not exposed to people, or content that may affect their well-being.

Be proactive, and find books, take a vacation, a bike-ride, watch a movie together, go swimming, find a park to enjoy- just get involved. Don't let this summer get away from you. It's okay to take phones away, check what websites your child visits, or insist they find something "active" to do rather than being glued to their screen. Sadly these days, people spend more time on their phones than they do with one another, or with Jesus. How sad as a society we struggle to find one minute to pray, or even five minutes to read the Bible, but we will give 55 minutes to chat, or social media. If we seek God first, we will find direction and blessings in ALL things.

I wish you all a summer of good health, and healthy relationships. May the Lord bless you richly this summer and may all of His plans come to pass.

Thank you! Have a Beautiful Day!

-Ms. Moore