Middle School Syllabus

Middle School Social Studies, 5th-8th Grade

6th Grade Bible & Leadership Elective

Ms. Moore’s Syllabus 2020-2021

Email: carriem@wateroflifecs.org

Google site: carrie.moore@wateroflifecs.org

Homework calendar accessed by Google calendar located on my Google site

Ms. Moore’s schedule (On Campus):

8:00- 8:50 Homeroom & Bible 6 (BIB6)

9:00- 9:50 Social Studies 5 (SS5)

9:50- 10:45 Social Studies 8 (SS8)

10:45- 11:15 Lunch

11:15- 12:00 Leadership (LDR)

12:05- 1:00 Social Studies 7 (SS7)

1:00- 1:10 Break

1:15- 2:20 Social Studies 6 (SS6)

2:20-3:15 P.E.

2:20- 3:15 Study Hall (Mondays only)

Classroom Rules:

1. Chrome Books are closed until teacher gives you permission

2. Raise your hand if you have a question or comment (don’t blurt out)

3. Stay in your seat during instruction and quizzes/tests

4. Keep hands to yourself

5. Do NOT throw things in classroom

6. Trash goes in trash can NOT floor

7. No gum allowed

8. No cell phones on or they will be collected until the end of the day

9. Copying homework from another student or copying a test or quiz answer is NEVER permitted. It is cheating and consequence if caught is a ZERO plus Admin visit

Middle School Discipline: If student is disruptive or disrespectful, the teacher will:

1. Warn the student to correct behavior

2. Redirect the student (either speak privately outside or move student’s seat)

3. Issue a Demerit (parent will be notified via email from Ren Web)

If behavior persists, steps are taken according to Middle School Discipline Policy, both parents and students signed. Consequences may require Administration to intervene and or hold parent conference. Detentions may also be given. Refer to copy.

Ms. Moore’s Reward System and Incentives:

Positive behavior and good performance should be rewarded. My rewards can include any number of items on a list given to every student the first day of school. They can choose any item on the list as their reward. I will reward the student with a ticket.

Students can earn reward tickets for any number of tasks, effort, success or positive behaviors. At any given day, the teacher will give a ticket for noted effort, performance and or positive behaviors.

Students will receive a list (attached) of rewards. When students have earned a reward, they may select a ticket from the list. Only 1 reward may be used for the day (some rewards may be for a week). Please see attached reward list.

Here are some examples of possible goals and CRITERIA:

1. Completed ALL homework and turned in on-time for 1 full-week

2. No tardies for 1 week

3. No disruptive or disrespectful behavior for 1 week

4. No demerits for 1 week

5. Helped a fellow student with an assignment or task

6. No absences for 1 week

7. Brought a grade up in any subject

8. Outstanding or Improved test scores

9. Outstanding or Improved quiz scores

10.Good behavior in support subjects (Art, Music, Spanish, P.E. , electives)

11. Cleaned up desk area and backpack is organized

12. Did not leave materials behind in the classroom

13. Got out materials and was ready to learn on-time

There are a number of goals both personal and academic I am so excited to reward students for. At any given time under teacher discretion, I am give a student a “brain break” to read a book, draw, or relax for a 10-15 minute times period.

Students may be disqualified from using their reward if they are disrespectful to other peers or staff members such as Miss Nelida, Mrs. Knowlton, Mrs. Bunker, Coach Cam, AND Teacher’s Aides on duty in lunchroom or on Playground.

Classroom Procedures (In Session):

1. Follow Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up procedures stated by school administration

2. Sanitize hands as you walk into the classroom

3. Look to the board: Take out materials and be ready to learn (listen)

4. Have homework ready to grade (green or blue pen only) no highlighters are permitted

5. If you forget homework be honest and tell the teacher

6. If you finish early, you may work on other homework, read a book, journal, draw a picture or help a friend ONLY

7. Make sure you write your homework down in a planner (if you forget check my Google site page) carrie.moore@wateroflifecs.org

8. Clean up and sanitize work area, organize backpack (6th) and push chairs in when you are dismissed

Google Classroom for Remote Learning:

· Every class and subject has their own Google Classroom (GC)

· I have 1 link for all my classes (Ms. Moore’s Classroom Google Meet Link) Please click on the link that will be uploaded to your Google Classroom Page at the designated time.

· 6th Grade Homeroom are only permitted to login @ 7:50am (not earlier) just as you would on campus. Students are permitted into the classroom at 7:50am.

· All assignments are posted on the Google Classroom. Be sure to be on-time. If your internet is not connecting, your parents or guardian must email me to inform me there is a problem

· Pay attention to assignment due dates and times they are due

· ALL class sessions on-line are recorded and will be posted after the class has concluded for the day. This is for students who may be absent due to illness or poor connectivity.

Late Work/Missing Work:

· If homework is not submitted on time you have 1 day to make-up for half credit. If not completed it is a ZERO in the gradebook.

Make-Up Work:

· Make sure parents call school to excuse absence

· If absence is excused, student may make-up work. For example, if student missed 2 days then they have 2 days to make-up work

· It’s up to the student’s responsibility to get the form and fill-out form with teacher’s assistance

· If make-up work is not completed by due date, then it will be a ZERO in Ren Web Gradebook.

Quizzes and Tests:

· Quizzes may be open note (teacher discretion) and kept in student portfolio folders. In most cases study guides are given; however, not in all cases.

· Tests will be given at the end of each chapter. They will be graded and kept in the student work folder.

Grading System:

Homework: 20%

Classwork: 20%

Quizzes: 25%

Tests: 35%

Projects: 35%

What will I learn?

5th Grade Social Studies:

Textbook: Harcourt, Reflections The United States: Making a New


(this includes your child’s

textbook, workbook and CD-Rom with Textbook for home)

· We will study time, people and places. Your child will take the role of Jr. Historians researching and investigating texts, articles, journals, etc. to

gather evidence and interpret that past to explain WHY events happened as they did

through a Biblical

Worldview Perspective.

They will discover historians have different points of view on how they see

things. We will also look at people’s character traits that helped shape our country. Geography is a key component in Social

Studies, therefore learning to read maps accurately is a skill they will learn.

· Students will use their textbooks for class reading and comprehension questions to check for understanding

· Workbooks will be used as a follow-up activity for the day’s lesson and not assigned every day

6th Grade Bible:

Textbook: Bible (Purposeful Design)

· The purpose is for students to develop a Christian Worldview by studying the Old and New Testaments.

· Studies in workbooks include: discovering God’s plan for us, the Bible is Truth, God loves everyone, and we need to have faith in Jesus.

· Students will also learn prayer, studying the Bible and worship are essential to our growth in Christ.

6th Grade Social Studies:

Textbook: Discovering Our Past: Ancient Civilizations (McGraw Hill)

· Students will study ancient civilizations from agricultural societies and Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt, the Israelites, Early India, China, Ancient Americas, Greeks, the Romans and the rise of Christianity.

· Studies include investigations and projects on famous people, cultures, movements, and architecture/design.

7th Grade Social Studies:

Textbook: Discovering Our Past: Medieval and Early Modern Times (McGraw Hill)

· Students will study ancient civilizations from Roman to Islamic cultures, Medieval Africa, China, Japan and Europe in the Middle Ages, The Renaissance, Reformation, the Americas and Age of Enlightenment.

· Studies include investigations and projects on famous people, cultures, movements, and architecture/design.

8th Grade Social Studies:

Textbook: American Republic Third Edition (Bju Press)

· Students will study United States History with a Biblical Worldview.

· The students will study exploration, colonization, Post Civil War development of the industry and the emergence of “modern” America in the late nineteenth century and post-world war era and contemporary United States.

· Studies include investigations and projects on famous explorers, Colonization, Founding Fathers, Presidents, The Constitution, Civil War and World War I & II.

· This class is high school prep and will prepare students for higher-level learning based critical thinking assessments

Leadership Elective:

Develop servant-leadership skills to learn team collaboration, organization, and event planning

· Students will develop a passion for God and compassion for people by becoming Ambassadors for Jesus Christ

· We want to reach out to the school students, families, church members, senior community, thank First Responders, deployed Service men, women, and veterans. We also want to help widows, orphans and global communities to touch lives for the Kingdom of God.

· Studies will include group collaboration, project development, spiritual growth, reflection, developing a heart for worship and perform various activities.