Middle School Syllabus

Middle School Social Studies, 6th Grade Bible & Leadership

Ms. Moore’s Syllabus

Email: carriem@wateroflifecs.org

Google site: carrie.moore@wateroflifecs.org

Homework calendar accessed by Google calendar located on my Google site

Ms. Moore’s schedule:

8:00- 8:55 Homeroom & Bible 6 (BIB6)

9:00- 9:47 Social Studies 5 (SS5)

9:50- 10:40 Social Studies 8 (SS8)

10:45- 11:15 Lunch

11:15- 12:00 Leadership (LDR)

12:00- 12:57 Social Studies 7 (SS7)

1:00- 1:10 Break

1:10- 2:20 Social Studies 6 (SS6)

2:20- 2:50 Study Hall (Mondays only)

Classroom Rules:

1. Walk into class reading to learn with (indoor voices)

2. Look at the board and follow directions

3. Have materials ready

4. Chrome Books are closed until teacher gives you permission

5. Raise your hand if you have a question or comment (don’t blurt out)

6. Stay in your seat during instruction and quizzes/tests

7. Keep hands to yourself

8. Do NOT throw things in classroom

9. Trash goes in trash can NOT floor

10. No gum allowed

11. No cell phones on or they will be collected until the end of the day

12. Copying homework from another student or copying a test or quiz answer is NEVER permitted. It is cheating and consequence if caught is a ZERO plus Admin visit

Classroom Procedures:

1. Look to the board: Take out materials and be ready to learn (listen)

2. Chrome Books are closed until teacher gives you permission to open

3. Raise hand if you have a question or comment (do not get out of seat)

4. If you have homework to turn in, place on Ms. Moore’s desk or make sure it is in Google Docs folder the beginning of class

5. If you forget homework be honest and tell teacher

6. If you finish early, you may work on other homework, read a book, journal, draw a picture or help a friend, but you will NOT just sit and be idle

7. Make sure you write your homework down (if you forget check my Google site page) carrie.moore@wateroflifecs.org

8. Clean up area, organize locker (6th) and push chairs in when you are dismissed

Class Notes & Google Classroom:

· We will be taking notes each in class notebook

· Notes are useful for presentations and assessments such as assignments, quizzes, tests

· Discussion Questions are posted on Google Classroom and act as an assignment. They must be answered by due date

Late Work/Missing Work:

· If homework is not submitted on time it will be docked 10% per day after the due date. It is marked M in Ren Web. On the THIRD DAY if still not submitted the grade will be changed to a ZERO in RenWeb.

· Incomplete work will be marked with an I in the grade book which is calculated as a ZERO. Once completed, the grade will change accordingly, but if not submitted at due date it will become a ZERO

Make-Up Work:

· Make sure parents call school to excuse

· If absence is excused, student may make-up work. For example, if student missed 2 days then they have 2 days to make-up work

· The make-up form will be filled out and in teacher’s folder with the work that was missed. Students will attach form to submitted work when completed.

· It’s up to the student to be proactive in asking for the make-up assignment from the teacher

· If make-up work is not completed by due date, then it will be a ZERO in RenWeb.

Quizzes and Tests:

· Quizzes are in most cases weekly and reflections of the week’s lessons. They may be open note (teacher discretion) and kept in student portfolio folders. In most cases study guides are given; however, not in all cases.

· Tests will be given at the end of each chapter. They will be graded and kept in the student portfolio folder.

What will I learn?

6th Grade Bible:

Textbook: Bible (Purposeful Design)

· The purpose is for students to develop a Christian Worldview by studying the Old and New Testaments.

· Studies in workbooks include: discovering God’s plan for us, the Bible is Truth, God loves everyone, and we need to have faith in Jesus.

· Students will also learn prayer, studying the Bible and worship are essential to our growth in Christ.

7th Grade Social Studies:

Textbook: Discovering Our Past: Medieval and Early Modern Times (McGraw Hill)

· Students will study ancient civilizations from Roman to Islamic cultures, Medieval Africa, China, Japan and Europe in the Middle Ages, The Renaissance, Reformation, the Americas and Age of Enlightenment.

· Studies include workbooks and projects on famous people, cultures, movements, and architecture/design.

6th Grade Social Studies:

Textbook: Discovering Our Past: Ancient Civilizations (McGraw Hill)

· Students will study ancient civilizations from agricultural societies and Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt, the Israelites, Early India, China, Ancient Americas, Greeks, the Romans and the rise of Christianity.

· Studies include workbooks and projects on famous people, cultures, Biblical leaders, and architecture/design.

8th Grade Social Studies:

Textbook: American Republic Third Edition (Bju Press)

· Students will study United States History with a Biblical Worldview.

· The students will study exploration, colonization, Post Civil War development of the industry and the emergence of “modern” America in the late nineteenth century and post-world war era and contemporary United States.

· Studies include workbooks and projects on famous explorers, Colonization, Founding Fathers, Presidents, The Constitution, Civil War and World War I & II.

Leadership Elective:

Textbook: The Holy Bible, The Leadership of Jesus, and various devotion materials

· Students will develop a passion for God and compassion for people by becoming Ambassadors for Jesus Christ

· We want to reach out to the school students, families, church members, senior community, thank First Responders, deployed Service men, women, and veterans. We also want to help widows, orphans and global communities to touch lives for the Kingdom of God.

· Studies will include group collaboration, project development, field trips, spiritual growth, journaling and reflection, developing a heart for worship and perform various activities.

Tentative Field Trips (locations subject to change)

· 5th Grade: Nixon Library

· 6th Grade: Science Camp

· 7th Grade: Medieval Times & Lake Hume

· 8th Grade: Nixon Library & Lake Hume

· Leadership: ACSI Conference & Disneyland Leadership conference, others TBA

Grading System:

Homework: 20%

Classwork: 20%

Quizzes: 25%

Tests: 35%

Projects: 35%