5th Grade Social Studies

Welcome to 5th Grade Social Studies

With Ms. Moore

Contact Information: carriem@wateroflifecs.org

Google Site: carrie.moore@wateroflifecs.org

Class Time: 9:00- 9:50am

Curriculum: Harcourt, Reflections The United States: Making a New Nation

(this includes your child’s textbook, workbook and CD-Rom with Textbook for home)

Topic: U.S. History

Recommendations: 1 jumbo book cover, colored pencils, post-it notes, visit museums with your family. There is the Nixon Library, The Reagan Library, The Getty Museum, The Southwest Museum, and many more!

Major Projects: Totem Pole (Fall) & State Project (Spring)

Pacing: Every chapter should be covered in approximately a month

Class Expectations: Textbook, workbook & Atlas materials present every day. Teacher will pray first and give instructions. Students should follow directions, raise their hand to ask a question or comment, honor one another, do their best, and smile!

Classroom Management: Honor and respect the teacher and one another by listening when teacher or classmate is speaking. First disruption: friendly reminder, 2nd disruption: warning, Third disruption: seat move. What’s next? Communicate with parents and possible Admin intervention.

What will the class look like? We will study time, people and places. Your child will take the role of Jr. Historians researching and investigating texts, articles, journals, etc. to gather evidence and interpret that past to explain WHY events happened as they did through a Biblical Worldview Perspective. They will discover historians have different points of view on how they see things. We will also look at people’s character traits that helped shape our country. Geography is a key component in Social Studies, therefore learning to read maps accurately is a skill they will learn.

Grade Expectation: Homework 20%, Classwork 20%, Quizzes 25%, Tests/Projects 35%

Any questions, please feel free to contact me or stop by after school!


Ms. Moore